Our first singing competition concluded in success

Every year, our company organizes a wide range of activities to enrich leisure life of employees, such as hiking, CS true man show, barbecue, and balloon volleyball. On March 9, a singing competition, entitled “the Voice of Easy Tour China” (易游好声音), has been held in a KTV bar.

Singing competition in a KTV bar

Singing competition in a KTV bar

The competition consists of two phases: the preliminary and the finals. 18 people applied to enter the contest, and a total of six judges were present. After the first round, 6 contestants stood out and advanced to the final.

At the final, Miko Zhang, Silvia Gan, and Peicy Wang became the top three finalists. The audience also got the chance to vote for the “Most Popular Singer” and “Best Song”; and, Leon Lee and Charlie Chen won one respectively. Monetary prizes and trophies were awarded for winners.

A contestant was singing

A contestant was singing.

This year’s singing competition was successfully concluded amidst a roar of applause and cheers. It is the first of its kind. Such a corporate cultural event offer a platform on which we can showcase talents outside a working context.


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